Safety over EtherCAT Specification

In the interest of realizing safe data communication over EtherCAT, the Safety over EtherCAT protocol (Fail Safe over EtherCAT, FSoE) has been disclosed within the EtherCAT Technology Group. EtherCAT is used as a single-channel communication system for transferring safe and non-safe information. The transport medium is regarded as a "black channel" and not included in safety considerations. A safety frame containing the safe process data and the required data backup is included in the EtherCAT process data. This "container" is safely analyzed in the devices at the application level. Communication remains single-channel. This corresponds to Model A from the Annex of pre-IEC 61784-3.

The Safety over EtherCAT protocol has been assessed by German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV). It is certified as a protocol for transferring process data between Safety over EtherCAT devices up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508. The implementation of the Safety over EtherCAT protocol in a device must meet the requirements of the safety target. The associated product-specific requirements must be taken into account.

The latest version of the ETG.5100 specification can be requested via email only (click on description). Furthermore, please find all FSoE-related specifications listed as download below.

You may not copy, distribute or “mirror” these files or printed versions of the documents, or any part of it, without permission in writing from the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group).

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仅供会员members-yes ETG.5100 Safety over EtherCAT Specification (request via email) EN PDF 2011年3月10日 1.2.0 Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.5001.4 MDP Safety Module Specification EN  PDF  2017年8月14日  0,57 MB 1.0.0  Release 
members-no ETG.5101 Safety over EtherCAT Implementation Guide EN  PDF  2015年12月1日  0,51 MB 1.3.0  Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.5120 Safety over EtherCAT Protocol Enhancements EN PDF 2017年8月4日 0,46 MB 1.1.0 Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.6100 Safety over EtherCAT Drive Profile EN DOC 2016年2月9日 1,79 MB 1.2.0 Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.7100.1 Safety over EtherCAT Conformance Test Specification: General Requirements EN PDF 2013年3月4日 0,30 MB 1.0.0 Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.7100.2 Safety over EtherCAT Conformance Test Specification: Slave Conformance Test Record EN PDF 2017年8月14日 0,52 MB 1.2.4 Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.9100 Safety over EtherCAT Policy EN PDF 2010年10月25日 0,25 MB 1.0.0 Release