EtherCAT Installation Guideline

The ETG.1600 EtherCAT Installation Guideline describes the main aspects which should be considered when implementing an EtherCAT network infrastructure in order to optimize the communication performances.

It consists of four main chapters:

  • Chapter "EtherCAT Basics" describes few theoretical aspects of the EtherCAT technology which could be relevant for a proper dimensioning of the network infrastructure.
  • Chapter "Planning" is intended to support engineers which plan an industrial communication network based on the EtherCAT technology, with specific reference to international standards. 
  • Chapter "Assembling" wants to support technicians which realize the EtherCAT communication network based on a previous plan. 
  • Chapter "Commissioning" is intended to support technicians, as well as end users, which check the correctness of an installation, or monitor the operation of an industrial communication network based on the EtherCAT technology.

You may not copy, distribute or “mirror” the file or printed version of the document, or any part of it, without permission in writing from the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group).

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