PC-Control: 速度更快、成本更低的包装技术:高端塑泡包装解决方案

The KBS-KF blister machine developed by KOCH Pac-Systeme offers tomorrow’s packaging technology today. This high-end solution among packaging machines is equipped with an integrated delta robot for fully automatic product feeding and an ultrasonic cut and seal device that eliminates the previously necessary, so-called “victim film.” As a universal automation platform for the robotics, PLC and motion functionalities, KOCH Pac-Systeme uses the Beckhoff TwinCAT control software together with EtherCAT as the fieldbus system.

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members-no PC-Control: 速度更快、成本更低的包装技术:高端塑泡包装解决方案 DE PDF 2011年7月1日  
members-no PC-Control: Fast, cost-saving packaging: high-end solution for blister packs EN  PDF  2011年7月1日  0,46 MB    
members-no PC-Control: Schnell und kostensparend verpackt: Highend-Lösung im Bereich der Blisterverpackungen DE  PDF  2011年7月1日  0,55 MB    
members-no PC控制:速度更快、成本更低的包装技术:高端塑泡包装解决方案 CN  PDF  2011年7月1日  1,86 MB