Industrial Ethernet Technologies: Overview and Comparison

This presentation intends to provide an overview over the most important Industrial Ethernet technologies. Based on published material it shows the technical principles of the various approaches and tries to put these into perspective.

The slides were shown on ETG Industrial Ethernet Seminar Series in Europe, Asia and North America as well as on several other occasions, altogether attended by several thousand people. Among those were project engineers and developers that have implemented and/or applied Industrial Ethernet technologies as well as key representatives of some of the supporting vendor organizations. All of them have been encouraged and invited to provide f eedback in case they disagree with statements given or have better, newer or more precise information about the systems introduced. All the feedback received so far was included in the slides.

You are invited to do the same: provide feedback and – if necessary – correction. Please help to serve the purpose of this slide set: a fair and technology driven comparison of Industrial Ethernet Technologies.

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