ETG.1003 EtherCAT Specification Enhancement Process

The EtherCAT technology is defined in the ETG.1000 series and for international standardization in the IEC 61158 series as type 12 and in the IEC 61784-2 as communication profile CPF 12.

There are enhancements needed in these standards due to:

  • Inconsistencies and errors
  • additional functionality defined within the ETG

This guideline defines the process for enhancements of the EtherCAT specification in these standards.

For requests the ETG.1003 Specification Enhancement Form (included in ZIP file) shall be used.

You may not copy, distribute or “mirror” these files or printed versions of the documents, or any part of it, for any other purpose without permission in writing from the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group).

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