PC-Control: 新加坡樟宜机场:EtherCAT 实现 1,216 根伺服轴的同步运动

What is probably the world’s largest kinetic sculpture was realized in “Kinetic Rain” at Changi Airport in Singapore. The artistic concept of the installation and the calculatory design of the choreography originate from the Berlin-based Art+Com AG. In allusion to the tropical rain, the installation consists of 1,216 brilliantly sparkling, copper-plated aluminium droplets. These are suspended from the ceiling on thin steel wires and each one is moved by a small servomotor. During a 15-minute show, the droplets are formed into different pictures connected with the subject of flying. MKT AG, experts in kinetic installations, took care of the complete technical implementation of “Kinetic Rain”, including the software. The challenge of moving 1,216 servo axes synchronously was solved on the basis of EtherCAT, TwinCAT and the compact Servo Drives in Bus Terminal format.

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members-no PC-Control: 新加坡樟宜机场:EtherCAT 实现 1,216 根伺服轴的同步运动 DE PDF 2013年10月28日  
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