PC-Control: 显著提升吹塑成型机的性能和生产效率

Graham Engineering Corporation (GEC), located in York, Pennsylvania, specializes in high-end blow molding machinery and equipment for the non-PET segment of the fluid bottling and packaging market. Their machines are widely used at plants that manufacture bottles to be filled with automotive fluids, household detergents and cleansers, and beverages that are marketed in non-transparent bottles. By using the PC-based control system from Beckhoff and the ultra fast EtherCAT fieldbus system, they were able to significantly increase the productivity of the machines and the quality of the molded bottles.

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members-no PC-Control: 显著提升吹塑成型机的性能和生产效率 DE PDF 2007年4月1日  
members-no PC-Control: Performance and efficiency greatly increased for blow molding machinery EN  PDF  2007年4月1日  0,37 MB    
members-no PC-Control: Verarbeitungsleistung und Effizienz von Blasformmaschinen gesteigert DE  PDF  2007年4月1日  0,37 MB    
members-no PC控制:显著提升吹塑成型机的性能和生产效率 CN  PDF  2007年4月1日  0,37 MB