Melservo MR-J4-TM-ECT

Advanced Servo Technology for ultimate positioning

The MR-J4-TM-ECT drive delivers state-of-the-art technology and simple operation in a very compact package. Functions like "One-Touch-Tuning", advanced vibrations suppression control and real time auto tuning ensure maximum precision, very short positioning times and simple installation with short start-up time. Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide spectrum of rotary servo motors from 30W up to 22kW, linear motors and DD-motors to meet the demands of all types of application. The drive supports CAN application layer over EtherCAT (CoE) CiA402 Drive Profile.

  • Power capacity from 100W to 22kW (230V and 400V)
  • Two 100BASE-TX Ethernet ports
  • Possible of 250µs, 500µs, 1ms and 2ms communication cycle time
  • One-Touch-Tuning for easy and fast setup of the system
  • Advanced vibration suppression control 2 for vibration free machine
  • Industry-leading performance with 2.5 kHz speed frequency response for short settling time
  • High resolution 4,194,304 pulse/rev absolute encoders for high-accuracy positioning and smooth rotation
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) Safety function integrated
  • Touch probe function latches the current position at the rising edge of the external latch input signal
EtherCAT Communication:
  • IEC61158 Type12 CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE)
  • IEC61800-7 CiA402 Drive Profile




Melservo MR-J4-TM-ECT


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