The modular decentralised frequency converter

With the frequency converters in the SK 200E product range NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is providing modular and intelligent drive solutions in graduated equipment variants that are decentralised and close to the motor or mounted directly on the motor. The combination of the wide performance range from 250 W to 22 kW and the varying voltage levels (1x115V, 1x230V, 3x230V and 3x400V) allows the devices to be used worldwide in a wide range of application areas. The decentralised SK 200E devices can be easily adapted to specific requirements using optional modules, and can therefore communicate with all of the most popular controllers via different bus systems (such as EtherCAT). The range of functions ranges from classical U/f control via a sensor-less current vector controller, high-quality speed control with encoder feedback to motion control functions such as positioning or synchronous applications.