TMC8462-BOB (Breakout Board)

The TMC8462 is an EtherCAT slave controller with multifunction I/O for industrial automation, robotics and other automated equipment applications. Besides the standard compliant ESC functionality, the device offers additional functions such as dedicated step/direction output, SPI master and IIC master, a direct incremental encoder interface, a PWM unit, and GPIO. The TMC8462 is designed for an operating voltage of 3.3V or 5...35V (EtherCAT-P compatible voltage range) and provides 8 fully configurable high voltage IOs that can directly drive up to 100mA per IO. In addition, TMC8462 has 2 integrated DC/DC converters with up to 500mA. TMC8462 comes with 2 integrated 100Mbit ETH PHYs and does not need external PHY components.

The TMC8462-BOB is a simple breakout board of the TMC8462. It is intended to be used as simple ECAT bus interface card and allows using only a subset of the TMC8462 (no high voltage functions).

It can be interfaced via two 2.54mm pitch header rows and comes with two RJ45 connectors for the ECAT bus connection. It's PCB design files are available for free.