SMD Series

Brushless Drives

  • Up to 1500 W
  • 230VAC supply versions
  • Integrated EMC filter
  • Torque Mode
  • Speed Mode
  • Position Mode

MOTION Functions:

  • Fast and accurate positioning
  • Electrical gearbox with adjustable ratio
  • CAM Profiles with dynamic phase adjustment
  • Synchronization
  • Contacts boxe
  • Registration


  • Besides EtherCAT, other leading fieldbus systems are supported

Intelligent brushless drives are completely adapted for high dynamic performance. They contain an integrated power supply, mains filter and breaking resistor They can be used in either torque, speed or position control mode. Thanks to their inputs/outputs and to their integrated PLC functions, they answer the most various applications. Various plug-in communication modules are available, that allows the drive to be used in networked system. The user-friendliness software (that runs under Windows) proposes adjustment and diagnoses functions.

Drive Studio Software

Thanks to its own graphic tool, Drive Studio software allows user to configure easily MSD series drives with a PC. Under Windows environment, it offers a perfect user-friendliness with multi-windows screens and complete help.

The new Drive Studio includes all iDPL software functionalities and news :

  • Multi-drive project (1 project for several drives)
  • Autotuning function
  • Mechanical profiles Graphic editor
  • Remote control


SMD Series


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