SBC single board computer RZN1D

The SBC RZN1D is based on a scalable and proven ARM®-based microprocessor in combination with an Cortex®-A7 Dual Core and a high-capacity memory interface for a variety of applications. It is equipped with a maximum of five Ethernet ports and the latest redundancy protocol and is therefore optimized especially for industrial network components such as PLCs, network switches, gateways or I/O applications. An integrated, managed 4-port switch provides extensive IoT connectivity. EtherCAT and other multi protocol solutions on Board available.

The SBC offer the follow key features:

  • Renesas processor R9006G032
  • ARM Dual-core Cortex-A7 and 1x Cortex-M3
  • 2x 500MHz and 1x 125MHz clock speed
  • Interfaces include: 5x Ethernet (2x GbE), 2x CAN, LCD
  • EtherCAT and other realtime multiprotocol connectivity optionally on board available
  • Industrial Single Board Computer (SBC), also available in extended temperature range
  • Up to 2GB RAM and up to 64GB NAND flash (eMMC)
  • Scalable and long-term available
  • Virtualization, security and Fastboot optionally available
  • IoT capable

The SBC RZN1D is also prepared for OPC-UA and TSN.

The SBC RZN1D use a LINUX OS in combination with port´s GOAL middleware. GOAL contains a comprehensive management tool. The tool enables easy integration of your application to the different communication channels.

The SBC RZN1D is a cooperation project between EMTRION ( and PORT.



SBC single board computer RZN1D



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