SI6 Drive Controllers

Multi-Axis Drive System
SI6 Drive Controller
Power range 5 A to 22 A

  • Connection of several drive controllers via Quick DC-Link modules.
  • Positioning accuracy (up to 37 bit) in conjunction with Heidenhain encoders EnDat 2.2 digital or HIPERFACE DSL (up to 20 bit) from SICK Stegmann. More than 33 million positions are recorded per revolution.
  • Simply assembly on the standard busbar 5 x 12 mm with patented Quick DC-Link.
  • Electronic motor rating plate thanks to encoder systems HIPERFACE DSL and EnDat 2.2 digital.
  • Safety: STO (”Safe Torque Off ”) controlled via terminals or via Fail Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE). Communication via Ethernet-based fieldbus systems such as EtherCAT.
  • CIA 402 device profile for seamless integration in Controller Based and Drive Based Solutions.
  • Width of just 45 mm




SI6 Drive Controllers



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