Single-axis EtherCAT drive in compact enclosure:

  • EDD-37012—3 Phase Brushed/brushless sine drive; 10A cont., 15A peak, 20-80 VDC
  • Cyclic Synchronous Position mode (CSP)
  • EtherCAT In/Out ports: USB port(used for configuration).
  • Encoder feedback up to 15 MHz. Quadrature standard;SSI, and BiSS options. Main and auxiliary encoder Inputs
  • PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feed forward, integration limits, notch filter and low-pass filter
  • Optically isolated forward and reverse limit inputs and homing Input
  • 8 uncommitted, isolated digital inputs and 4 digital isolated Outputs
  • High speed position latch and output compare(pulse on position)
  • 2 uncommitted analog inputs and 2analog outputs-16-bit analog input option available
  • Dimensions:-EDD-37012-BOX: 3.9"×5.0×1.5"