AMAX-5000 Series

Advantech AMAX-5000 series EtherCAT Slice IO system comprises industrial EtherCAT coupler and various IO modules. The compact size and integrated DIN rail mount kit ensure easy installation in cabinets. The pluggable push-in terminals and LED indicator facilitate system setup and maintenance.

The Advantech AMAX-5000 series modularized EtherCAT slice IO system is flexible solution for constructing distributed real-time IO system in space-limited equipment. The AMAX-5074 is a EtherCAT coupler, as an interface in between EtherCAT master and AMAX-5000 slice IO modules, it provide RJ45 x2 for EtherCAT input/output connectivity and also provide dual power input and power quality monitoring function. Terminal block, LED indicator, Switch and EtherCAT port can be operated at front side. These provide a convenient way to wire, test, debug or maintain.

Key Features

  • Suitable for EtherCAT networks
  • Supports EtherCAT Distributed Clock (DC) mode and SyncManager mode
  • Engineer friendly pluggable push-in terminal
  • LED indicators for I/O status
  • Compact size modularized slice IO
  • DIN-rail mounted and front accessable
  • Isolation protection
  • Operation temperature : -25~60
  • Bus power quality monitoring function

Products List

  • AMAX-5074 EtherCAT coupler w/ power input
  • AMAX-5079 EtherCAT extension module
  • AMAX-5001 Power input module w/ 4-ch. DI
  • AMAX-5051T 8-ch DI w/ 2-ch timestamp
  • AMAX-5052 16-ch DI
  • AMAX-5056T 2-ch DO timestamp
  • AMAX-5057 16-ch DO
  • AMAX-5015 4-ch RTD
  • AMAX-5017V 6-ch Analog input (V,mV)
  • AMAX-5017C 6-ch Analog input (mA)
  • AMAX-5018 6-ch Thermocouple input
  • AMAX-5024 4-ch Analog Output (V,mV,mA)
  • AMAX-5080 2-ch Counter/Encoder Input


AMAX-5000 Series



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