ServoOne CM


SystemOne CM is the benchmark for compactness in automation systems. With a typical configuration of 6 axes incl. auxiliary power supply, SystemOne CM saves approx. 40 % space in the control cabinet compared to commercially available multi-axis systems and once again an additional 60 % compared to the use of single axes. The compactness of SystemOne CM is achieved by:

  • Supply unit with integrated 24 V power supply
  • Three-axis servo controller


The safety technology is an integral part of ServoOne CM. Due to the high security level, the large functionality and response times of 2 ms, the application is possible in all applications:

  • Default
    STO to SIL3, PL e, CAT 4, SBC to SIL2, PL d, CAT 3
  • Option
    safe motion functions such as SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SLI, SDI and SLP according to SIL3, PL e, KAT 4
  • Safety PLC
    The Safety PLC integrated in the drive controller can react very flexibly and quickly to events.


Easy installation: The installation efforts are greatly reduced compared to conventional solutions, first because of the smaller number of required components and second because they can be contacted in a time-saving manner via a simple connection system.

Single-cable technology: SystemOne CM not only supports classic encoder systems but also single-cable technology. This makes possible to do without any encoder cable and to further simplify the installation. The encoder information and the motor temperature are transmitted via only 2 wires only of the motor cable.

Dynamics and Precision

ServoOne CM has a number of features designed to increase the dynamics and precision of machines.

  • Computing power
    Powerful drive ASIC with 32-bit microcontroller and floating point unit per axis controller -> Three-axis controller without limitation of computing power.
  • Control functions
    Compensation of encoder errors, errors of the mechanical transmission path, frictional and cogging torques, hiding of resonance frequencies, predictive precontrol structure with pico-interpolation
  • Auto Tuning
    Identification of the machine mechanics and automatic parameterization of the control structures and parameters




ServoOne CM


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