HCOS - Hivertec Control System

All in One Controller - motion, I/O, image processing

IPC based controller

  • Our partner IPC that has been tested
  • Software and hardware are already set at the time of purchase
  • IPC Form factor is desktop type, fanless box type, etc.
    We propose a model that is just fit according to the application from compact fanless type to multi-slot type (all are long-term supply guarantee products)
  • Multi-core CPU: One core is for software PLC, other cores are for Windows
  • Function of Windows, use of abundant interface, linkage with image processing (socket communication, file input / output, shared Memory)

Software PLC

  • CODESYS: Proven software PLC with 1 million licenses annually
  • High speed ・ High reliability ・ Real time control
  • Programming according to the international standard IEC 61131-3 which is easy to structure
  • Powerful debugging function: sampling log trace function in task cycle
    Variable value change during operation, logic addition

Motion / IO Control

  • EtherCAT suitable for opening
  • Software motion
  • Providing a library regardless of vendor or interface
  • Our proven Hardware

HMI development

  • Development with CODESYS HMI (also possible with Microsoft Visual Studio)

External communication

  • OPC UA compatible with Ethernet, using Windows interface