TwinSAFE Functional Safety Controller

TwinSAFE PLC / Logic Terminal EL6900

TwinSAFE enables networks with up to 1024 TwinSAFE devices. The Safety PLC can establish 128 connections to other TwinSAFE devices (TwinSAFE connection). Multiple Logic Terminals are cascadable within a network. The EtherCAT Terminal features certified safety function blocks, which are configured according to the application to be realized. Safety functions such as emergency stop, safety door monitoring, two-hand control, etc. can thus easily be selected and linked. All blocks can be freely connected among each other and are complemented by operators such as AND, OR, etc. The required functions are configured via the TwinCAT System Manager and loaded into the EL6900 Logic Terminal via the fieldbus.

The EL6900 is suitable for applications up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508 and EN 954 Cat. 4 and DIN EN ISO 13849 PLe.


TwinSAFE Functional Safety Controller


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