Servo Driver VPH-HD type

VPH-HD is high performance servo driver specially developed for Direct Drive Motor and Linear Servomotor.


  • Corresponding to EtherCAT communication (Corresponding to CiA402 drive profile)
  • Feed Forward Command Filter function. Achieving smooth movement and positioning time reduction by 2-stage S-curve Acceleration / Deceleration control functions
  • Significantly suppressed the torque ripple and improving speed stability
  • It is feasable to create smooth movement even for large inertia load by using feedback filter auto setting function

Special software:

  • 4CH realtime display oscilloscope function
  • Frequency spectrum measuringfunction
  • Auto tuning function
  • Real time servo adjustment function, etc.


  • AC100V 50W~200W
  • AC200V 100W~2.2kW




Servo Driver VPH-HD type


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