The brand new SLIO CPU 015N with integrated EtherCAT Master system is an unbeatable product in the S7 world. The concept of the SLIO CPU is as simple as it sounds. Easy configuration and fast enabling and disabling of features. Just 5 seconds to upgrade your memory or enabling your fieldbusses. With the SLIO 015N CPU you are able to enable the EtherCAT technology and based on that a full motion control functionality.

Programmable with VIPA SPEED7 Studio and SimaticManager©. You do not have to know how to configure an EtherCAT network. SPEED7 Studio and the SimaticManager© will do that for you!

Features of the SLIO CPU:

  • Memory from 192kb to 512kb for all kind of applications
  • Programmable with VIPA SPEED7 Studio and SimaticManager©
  • Integrated new processor for outstanding performance
  • Extremely fast backplane bus with 48Mbit/s
  • Flexible memory expansion and extension of the communication possibilities without CPU-swap
  • Optional PROFIBUS master or slave which can be activated via VSC
  • Second Ethernet interface integrated
  • Usable centralized and decentralized up to 64 modules –directly to the CPU
  • Only two types of hardware for comprehensive savings in warehousing and logistic costs





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