Optical data coupler LS682-DA-EN

The LS682-DA-EN is a device for serial transfer in Ethernet systems. One F1 and one F2 device is needed for each data transfer link. The physical transfer takes place protocol-free with 100 MBit/s full duplex. The data rate remains constant, irrespective of distance. Telegrams are not saved, which enables immediate transfer. The devices are optimized for conditions in factory automation.

Data is transferred in both directions by means of modulated light. The information at the input interface is modulated on the carrier signal. The information is then demodulated and issued to the output interface within the receiver.

Key series features:

  • Fast Ethernet optical data coupler
  • Effective operating distance up to 300m
  • Alignment aid, allowing adjustment by one person
  • Can easily used from sensing range 0 
  • Consistently high data rate of 100 MBit/s
  • Protocol-free full duplex data transfer 
  • Besides EtherCAT, other leading fieldbus systems are supported
  • Option for applications in the frozen storage sector (down to -30°C)
  • Plug connection for fast mounting 
  • Minimal infrastructure costs 
  • No parameterization required 
  • Bar graph for signal strength 
  • Large opening angle 
  • Light plastic enclosure 
  • Intelligent accessories range

Overview LS682 series:

  • LS682-DA-EN/F*: Standard model with range up to 150 m
  • LS682-DA-EN/F*/35: Model with extended range up to 300 m
  • LS682-DA-EN/F*/146: Model for low temperature applications with range up to 150m
  • LS682-DA-EN/F*/35/146: Model for low temperature applications with extended range up to 300m


Optical data coupler LS682-DA-EN



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