EtherCAT Pneumatic Valve Manifold with AES Remote I/O

The AES Series product line is a compact, lightweight modular system. All AES electronic modules connect via simple spring clamps, allowing for easy assembly and field modifications. The AES Series offers a multitude of I/O modules, including pressure and vacuum monitor modules, EP pressure regulator connection, and a control module which enables control of a second EP and servo-pneumatic positioning with double-acting cylinders. The AES fieldbus solution is Emerson’s pathway to the Industrial Internet of Things for pneumatic systems. AES electronics can be either a stand-alone system if only I/O’s are needed or interfaces with AVENTICS AV Series, ES05 Series, and HF Series valve systems.

  • Smallest dimensions
  • Lightweight polymer design
  • Special I/O modules
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • IP65 Certified