EtherCAT Design Tool

port’s EtherCAT Design Tool is a powerful tool which is supporting a fast and cost-efficient development of EtherCAT applications (devices).

The tool provides databases, from which an object dictionary and an initialization function in C-code, an ESI file and the documentation are produced automatically. Furthermore it simplifies the configuration of the EtherCAT Library.

With the EtherCAT Design Tool a tool is available, which frees the developer from error-prone and repetitive tasks. It guarantees the consistency of the implemented functionality, device documentation and Device Description.

The Design Tool creates the following documents:

  • The objects dictionary
  • The configuration file
  • The ESI file
  • The documentation as HTML and plain text

You program your application - port provides the rest.

port is not aware of any tool that guides you so fast and reliable to your destination.


EtherCAT Design Tool



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