CM1-E Cool Muscle: CM1-E-17L30D & CM1-E-23L20D

CM1-E Integrated EtherCAT® Servo System

The intelligence and efficiency of the Cool Muscle CM1 line of servos combined with an integrated EtherCAT interface.

The CM1-E motor is fully EtherCAT complaint, and includes rotary ID selectors (Explicit Device ID) as an option for systems requiring manual addressing using either the legacy or current ID standard. The CM1-E retains all the capabilities of the standard CM1, including the advanced H Infinity controller, programmable functions, and a highly responsive vector drive. Also unique to the CM1-E is a 4 pin 24Vdc input, allowing separate power inputs for the drive and controls. Functional safety can now be handled by dropping power to the drive without losing position or communications on the EtherCAT network.

Motor Features

  • Integrated motor, drive, 50kppr encoder, I/O, and EtherCAT slave controller
  • Closed loop servo control with Vector Drive and H Infinity controller
  • NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 sizes
  • Separate 24V drive and control power
  • Energy efficient and cool running

EtherCAT Features

  • Implements CiA402 drive profile
  • CSP, CSV, PV, PP and HM modes available
  • Integrated IO mapped to PDO objects
  • 1ms PDO timing for accurate synchronized motion
  • Explicit Device ID implemented for enhanced device identification


CM1-E Cool Muscle: CM1-E-17L30D & CM1-E-23L20D


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