Safely control complex systems using modern fieldbus technology!

Use u-remote to connect distributed safety equipment to form a fully cooperating safety system, which is monitored using a centralised safety control. You can ideally integrate the safe u-remote input and output module in decentralised architectures to selectively switch off parts of the production as required.

The digital in- and output module UR20-4DI-4DO-PN-FSOE-V2 is a safe I/O module for the "FailSafe over EtherCAT" protocol (FSoE). The module provides four digital in- and outputs respectively, it can detect up to four binary control signals and controls up to four actuators each with a maximum of 0.5 A. Two in- and outputs respectively can be parameterised P- or N-switching.

The module can be used to set up safety architecture of PLe, category 4 acc. to DIN EN ISO 13849 resp. SIL 3 acc. to EN 61508 / SILCL 3 acc. to EN 62061.

Sensors can be connected to connectors 1 and 2 using a 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire connection. Actuators can be connected to connectors 3 and 4 using a 2-wire connection. A status LED is assigned to each channel. The module electronics supplies the outputs with power from the output current path (I OUT ). A test pulse check of the inputs can be parameterised as a cross-circuit detection between input singal and supply voltage, between different input signals or other signals. Thus an input gets active only when the signal of the dedicated auxiliary output is pending. The test pulses can be disabled, if a safety OSSD generating own test pulses is connected.

From planning to operation, u-remote allows you to speed up all work processes and opens up new possibilities in panel building. It is the perfect response to growing complexity in machine and factory automation thanks to its powerful flexibility and simple handling.




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