netJACK - Powerful Exchangeable Module for Embedded Designs

  • All major industrial protocols
  • Master and Slave
  • One hardware for all Real-Time Ethernet protocols
  • Host interface via PCI Express, Dual-Port-Memory or SPI
  • Easy slide-in mounting without tools
  • Locks and connects without additional components on the baseboard

The universal communication module netJACK with its PCI Express interface addresses in particular the embedded market with high-performance CPUs e.g. Intel Atom®. Alternatively there are options with traditional Dual-Port-Memory and fast serial SPI interface.

All types have a compact design as closed IP 40 module, which can be mounted without tools. As connector and mounting rails are formed as contact area and cut-outs on the baseboard, there are no additional costs for the device.

netJACK can be mounted quick and easy immediate before shipment - or even by the end customer.

With netJACK customers can realize the full range of communication solutions of e.g. drives, HMI or ident systems. At the same time additional functionalities as PLC or Visualisation are possible. For customer specific requirements Hilscher offers an optimized Design- and Production service at reasonable costs.

Due to own network controller netX a 10-year guarantee of delivery is granted.





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