Slim Remote I/O ARIO series is composed of various user‐convenient I/O which is based on industrial Ethernet/Fieldbus communication for Smart Factory, along with a variety of I/O control flexibly connected up to 54 modules possessing a coupler and module separate type. Additionally having adopted a Push‐in connection method, both work me reduction and maximization of user convenience are enabled.

Detailed Features

  • Modular remote I/O with communication and I/O separable from one another
  • Optimized for user environment with the combination of communication coupler and extended module in which various I/O control is enabled
  • Realization of slim size with 12mm width
  • Reduction of work‐hours and maximization of user convenience due to handy wire connection
  • Due to Hot‐swap function, maintenance is enabled even during system operation
  • Self‐diagnosis of coupler and module provided


  • I/O support based on industrial Ethernet/Fieldbus serial communication for Smart Factory. Support of sequential multiple I/O distributed control using PLC, Industrial PC, etc.
  • Coupler: Support Industrial Ethernet, EtherCAT
  • Module: Various input/output modules, power modules. Remote Bus/I/O power, Digital Input/Output(4/8 channels), Analog Input/Output(2/4 channels). Expandable up to 64 modules (depending on communication)
  • Hot‐swap function: Maintenance and setting can be restored automatically by replacing terminal and body during its operation
  • Push‐in connection method: Easy wire connection without tools helps reducing work hours
  • Expanded user convenience with DAQMaster, a device integration management program. Module setting, real time control and monitoring / diagnosis of input / output signal. Product selection and placement through virtual mode, as well as provision of recommended sorting







Autonics Corporation

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