EtherCAT Conformance Test Documents

The following documents about conformance and interoperability provided here are made available to ETG member companies.

The ETG7000-2 ZIP contains the following files:

  • ETG.7000-2 Conformance Test Record with Test Execution Guideline
  • ETG.7000-2 Annex 5003-0001: Semi Device Test Record Example with Test Execution Guideline
  • TF-F000: Set of Test Instructions

You may not copy, distribute or “mirror” these files or printed versions of the documents, or any part of it, without permission in writing from the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group).

  描述 语言 类别 日期 大小 版本 状态
仅供会员members-yes ETG.7000 EtherCAT Conformance Test Specification EN DOC 2017年7月14日 Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.7000.2 EtherCAT Conformance Test Specification - EtherCAT Conformance Test Record EN  ZIP  2017年7月14日  6,06 MB 1.2.8  Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.7000.3 Interoperability Test Directive EN  PDF  2012年12月19日  0,52 MB 1.0.0  Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.7000 Comment Form EN  DOC  2011年8月15日  0,03 MB    
members-no ETG.7010 EtherCAT Conformance Guide EN  PDF  2017年4月3日  0,42 MB 1.2.0  Release 
members-no ETG.7010 EtherCAT Conformance Guide - Japanese Translation JP  PDF  2018年1月17日  0,41 MB 1.2.1  Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.7011 FSoE Conformance Test Check List for common issues EN  PDF  2020年7月17日  0,49 MB 1.0.2  Release 
仅供会员members-yes EtherCAT P Conformance Test Bundle: ETG.7000.1030, ETG.7000.1000.2P, TF-1301 EN  ZIP  2017年6月19日  0,71 MB 0.9.9  Draft for Review 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.7003 EtherCAT Conformance Test Enhancement Process EN PDF 2010年9月14日 0,22 MB 1.0.0 Release 
仅供会员members-yes ETG.7020 ETC Interoperability Network Participation EN PDF 2018年1月17日 0,08 MB  
仅供会员members-yes ETG.7030 EtherCAT Conformance Test Request EN PDF 2020年4月3日 0,09 MB 2020-04  
仅供会员members-yes ETG.7031 FSoE Conformance Test Request EN PDF 2020年4月3日 0,05 MB 2020-04  
仅供会员members-yes ETG.7032 EtherCAT P Conformance Test Request EN PDF 2020年4月3日 0,08 MB 2020-04  
仅供会员members-yes ETG.9003 EtherCAT 一致性测试政策 EN PDF 2012年10月25日 0,14 MB 1.1 Release 

The ETG.7000 EtherCAT Conformance Test Specification consists of the following parts:

  • ETG.7000.2 Conformance Test Record
    The Conformance Test Record is a set of test instructions (incl. TF-F000 Test File) for the performance of the EtherCAT Conformance Test and documentation of it at the same time. The EtherCAT Test Centers (ETCs) perform the official EtherCAT Conformance Test according to those instructions. EtherCAT device vendors should use the Test Record for preparation of the official test. The Test Record also references further test instructions specified in the Annexes of ETG.7000-2. One example is ETG.7000-2 Annex 5003-0001 Semi Device Test Record. Annex B helps for the understanding of the ETG.7000-2 Test Record.
  • ETG.7000.3 Interoperability Test Directive
    The Interoperability Test Directive provides test descriptions for complete EtherCAT systems including EtherCAT-Configuration-Tools, EtherCAT Masters, one or several EtherCAT slaves. Its scope is to test the interaction between those components and provide a possible statement of confidence for mutual operation of a heterogeneous EtherCAT system as it is found in real applications.

The “EtherCAT P Conformance Test Bundle” includes:

  • ETG.7000.1000.2P EtherCAT P Test Plan
    Defines the test building blocks based on the ETG.1000.2P EtherCAT P PhL specification
  • ETG.7000.1030 EtherCAT P Test Record
    Defines a selection of the test blocks from the Test Plan as a step-by-step test which is performed by the ETCs
  • TF-1301 EtherCAT P ESI Test File
    Test File to check EtherCAT P specific details in the ESI file using the CTT V2.1.16. Download-link is provided within ZIP.

Furthermore, the following related documents are listed:

  • ETG.7003 EtherCAT Conformance Test Enhancement Process
    This guideline defines the process for enhancements of the EtherCAT Conformance Test. It includes changes of already existing test cases due to bug-fixes as well as enhancements for new test cases. It also covers changes of the Conformance Test Tool (CTT).
  • ETG.7010 EtherCAT Conformance Guide
    To find your way easy through the topic you will find the most important details on it within the EtherCAT Conformance Guide, including how to obtain tools and how to get your device conformance tested.
  • ETG.7011 FSoE Conformance Check List for common issues
    Based on the experience gained through support and numerous FSoE Conformance Tests in the EtherCAT Test Centers, this guideline points to many common-made errors.
  • ETG.7020 EtherCAT Slave Device Donation
    This document describes the purpose, benefits, and the handling of device donation.
  • ETG.7030 EtherCAT Conformance Test Request
    The EtherCAT Conformance Test Request is a form to request a Conformance Test for EtherCAT Slave Devices at an official EtherCAT Test Center (ETC).
  • ETG.9003 EtherCAT Conformance Policy
    The EtherCAT Conformance Test Policy describes the conformance testing rules and policies in accordance with the EtherCAT Vendor ID agreement.