The new TSD-series of servo drives handles two axes and communicates over EtherCAT.

Both current and position control loops operate at 100kHz which results in highest stiffness and precision of the axes. Together with the programmability, which allows for all kind of adaption algorithms and more, the TSD-series drives solve the most demanding motion control tasks.

Optional modules make the TSD-series versatile: 10MHz/16bit Sin/Cos-encoders, FFT, Pulse-Train for lasers, analog I/O and more.

The TSD drives are readily available for voltages of 80V and 130V, delivering 10 or 20Arms. The 350V version comes in early 2017, while the 3x480VAC model will follow later in 2017.


  • machine tool with direct drives
  • positioning tables (stand still <1nm)
  • high frequency spindles, positionable





Triamec Motion AG