AZ Series Multi-Axis-Driver

The AZ Series achieves absolute positioning without the need for a battery. The multi-axis driver corresponds to the EtherCAT communication drive profile CiA402. All of our AZ motors with DC power input and motorized actuators which are equipped with them can be connected. 2-axes, 3-axes, or 4-axes can be connected to the driver.


Power supply voltage
  • Control power supply voltage : 24VDC
  • Main power supply voltage : 24VDC / 48VD
Ambient temperature : 0 to +50 (+32 to +122 (non-freezing)

EtherCAT communication specification

Device profile : IEC 61800-7 CiA402 drive profile 

Synchronization mode and Communication cycle
  • DC mode: 0.5 ms, 1 ms, 2 ms, 3 ms, 4 ms, 5 ms, 6 ms, 7 ms, 8 ms
  • SM2 event synchronization mode: 1 ms or more
  • Free run mode: 1 ms or more
The following operation modes are supported:
  • Profile position mode (PP)
  • Profile velocity mode (PV)
  • Homing mode (HM)
  • Cyclic synchronous position mode (CSP)
  • Cyclic synchronous velocity mode (CSV)





AZ Series Multi-Axis-Driver



Oriental Motor (Europa) GmbH

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