ARM® Microcontroller board of Industrial Ethernet communication processor provided separately,
And Windows10 can run real-time program independently, it is possible to configure a stable control even when Windows abnormal occurrence.

EtherCAT feature of AP-10A

  • EtherCAT communication is executed on the real-time control side.
    Host CPU low load, achieved stabilization.
  • No additional RTOS. Real time access to PDO.
  • Completely autonomous startup is possible without PC from Init to Operation.
    PC operation unnecessary.
  • Local I/O and EtherCAT can be synchronized.

Other features

  • PC power supply on / off control is possible from SoftPLC.

It is also ideal as a development tool for EtherCAT communication.

  • Real-time master program can be created in C language
  • EtherCAT PDO can be buffered 64 KB




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