Modular Device Profile (MDP)

The Modular Device Profile (MDP) defines a modelling of structures within in a device. Mainly the object dictionary structure and corresponding behaviour of the entries is defined by the MDP. The intention is to provide an easy way for master and configuration tools to handle the devices.

A modular structure can be used for all kind of devices that supports physical or logical modules. This can be for example:

  • Gateways from Fieldbusses to EtherCAT
  • Multi Axis servo drives (physical modules) with each axis having independent operation modes (logic modules)
  • Extendable bus coupler with an internal backbone (e.g. sliced I/Os)
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仅供会员members-yes ETG.5001 Modular Device Profile (MDP) EN DOC 2021年10月19日 Draft for Review 
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