EtherCAT Compendium

The EtherCAT Compendium will provide a comprehensive, coherent description of EtherCAT with its

  • technical details,
  • system, implementation, and user aspects.

It ranges from the formal specifications while also referencing to the relevant parts, to the well readable, applicable and application know-how.

The EtherCAT Compendium aims at generally interested readers, developers, and support engineers, as well as test engineers, students, and academics of ETG members.

The EtherCAT Compendium is organized in several sections. The first chapters which are published are part of the section “Technology details”. Other sections which will follow are “EtherCAT introduction”, “System aspects”, “Implementation aspects” and “User aspects”.

Individual chapters are published one by one until they will form the complete EtherCAT Compendium.

New chapters will be published continuously. The latest version of the EtherCAT Compendium can be downloaded via the link on the right hand side (member login required). The date of publication is used to identify the EtherCAT Compendium version.

Section I: EtherCAT introduction

Section II: Technology details

Section III: System aspects

  • 01 Master and configuration
  • 02 Performance
  • 03 Explicit Device Identification
  • 04 Hot Connect
  • 05 Device replacement
  • 06 Cable redundancy
  • 07 Error handling
  • 08 EtherCAT P
  • 09 Master redundancy

Section IV: Implementation aspects

  • 01 Master implementation
  • 02 Slave implementation
  • 03 Licence
  • 04 Conformance

Section V: User aspects